Bluetooth Boost from Bangalore


Weebi is now compatible with all types of mobile bluetooth printer. This new feature comes with a series of add-ons in the new version (v3).

This new feature will make it easier for weebi users to turn their mobile into a complete Point of Sale solution. They can connect their former printer or order a new one online regardless of the brand. Here is the demo video on how to connect the printer with bluetooth :

We celebrate this as very special achievement, it involves collaboration with SocGen developers based in Bangalore (India) that supported us in adding this complex feature. Ankita Dixit and Rekha Masterji Babu helped us to deliver this feature building on the blue thermal plugin developed by Zaki Mubarok in Surabaya (Indonesia). We are deeply grateful to them as to everyone who made this project possible, from Lab Innovation Dakar, to all stakeholders across the world. We are proud and grateful to be supported by the coolest bank in Africa.